Wife rescued, husband still missing in Lake Hartwell, SC

Today I watched many entities come together at Lake Hartwell to strive for a common goal of bringing closure to a family, a family waiting. The wife was rescued yesterday, the husband is still missing. I was very impressed with the professionalism, the willingness of Anderson County Sheriffs Office to bring in ANY resource needed to help this family, DNR officers from both states working together with technical rescues, K9's and divers from other agencies working as one, it made me proud to say that I am part of Anderson County and that Chad McBride and his office, as well as DNR and how they are doing everything necessary, in their power, to help this family. They have all came together to achieve one common goal. This common goal superseded state lines. Many agencies in local areas are participating and even GA brought in equipment that we do not have access to in our area. Multiple entities have been contacted and a plan is in place. A plan is in place which means that a family can breathe a little easier knowing that ACSO, DNR, and MULTIPLE agencies with various types of equipment from MULTIPLE states are willing to come and bring their volunteers, their divers, their officers, their love and compassion to help bring a family closure. In saying this, know that while this isn't always the case, I hope in the future, we have the ability to have some of this kind of equipment in our area. Many do not know the need until it is someone you know, then every one of us wonders...WHY DON'T we have the equipment? Today, I prayed hard for that family to get closure as I KNOW the pain, the waiting and the hope that on this day, you will get closure. I know that the plans that Jenny Pierce and myself are working towards will allow the family of another loved one to not wait for other equipment from other entities, we want that equipment and training on our waters, in our area and ready on the day it is needed. Eventually, this can happen. Our foundation, www.MitchellsLight.Org, will eventually be in that place that can hopefully be a leader, a resource and the ones to bring others home. Pray for that family today, pray every single day, pray for closure, peace, hope and love.