This story begins as does many others, but it doesn't end the same. It starts with a phone call and ends with questions still this story is written, I want you to know that it did not all happen in one day and it cannot all be written in one day. Read our story, feel our pain and understand our mission. As this story begins, take a minute and imagine being in our position and what would you do..where would you go and who would you turn to? 


Mitchell's Light is a 501(c)(3) that began with a loss of a loved one and now has a goal to helps others. Mitchell Gibson, a local fisherman, went missing March 12, 2016 at Lake Richard B Russell and was eventually found and brought home October 27, 2016. It was during this time of loss and hardship that the idea for this foundation was born, to help others in their time of need and to try to ensure that no other family is sitting at that ramp or on that dock, waiting and praying for answers for their loved one that is missing in the lakes and the rivers that we all enjoy.

Story to be continued…with love~~KSJ