We are an organization that strives to provide public education, public safety, water awareness, and resources. Our organization strives to help others understand the value of working with a non-profit to obtain training and knowledge at little or no cost to those that answer the call when a crisis occurs.

We will continually strive to provide the highest quality training, classes, workshops, and seminars that can strengthen the knowledge and reach of the professionals that the public depends on during times of crisis.


The question is often asked...What makes you different than the state agencies that our tax dollars pay for? Our goal is to bridge that gap between what the state resources can provide and help a family once the state or local law enforcement entities have run out of time and resources.  We want to be the organization that helps when needed, without the red tape and official request that most organizations require. Most states are limited in the amount of time and resources that they can provide for one family, this is not the choice  of those entities, it is just how it is at this time.  Once resources are depleted, families are often left waiting...waiting for help, waiting for answers and waiting to see if their loved one will surface. This is an unacceptable situation and one we want to eventually be able to overcome through technology, training and education. 



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      Logo Designed by Carlee Ashy 

      Logo Designed by Carlee Ashy